First of all:

Welcome to the coziest choir in Hasselt!

Our rehearsals take place each Wednesday night from 7:30PM until 9PM on PXL Campus Vildersstraat. Our choir consists of students, teachers, members of staff and international students of both Hogeschool PXL and UHasselt.

Our repertoire consists of both classical and contemporary music. All sheet music will be provided for you. You aren’t expected to be able to read sheet music, although that would be useful. During rehearsals, everything is practiced sufficiently!

You are also welcome if you’d like to join us at a later moment during the academic year.

Did you know singing and musicality is directly linked to the performance of the human brain and the ability to remember things?

Is my voice good enough?

Short answer: YES!

Long answer: We don’t expect you to have a perfect voice. You don’t have to do an audition. We’re a choir where everyone is welcome who would like to learn how to sing.

And don’t worry! Did you know that everyone can sing? Only 0,01% of the population is tonedeaf. Furthermore, it’s very unlikely that one can distinguish your particular voice from the rest of the choir.

So, are you in?

Yes, I am!